UCN Grows Information Technology Opportunity

August 30, 2022

(The Pas/Thompson, MB) – For the first time ever, the University College of the North (UCN) will run three simultaneous information technology (IT) programs with the help of Future Skills Centre.

UCN IT projects received additional funding from Future Skills Centre to continue operation through the 2022-2023 academic year. Future Skills Centre is investing $1.09 million to expand and modify this project following an earlier investment of $996,300. One of the program’s goals is to lessen the digital and economic divide for Indigenous women in the North.

UCN launched the IT training for Northern Manitoba Indigenous women in September 2021. The Information Technology Readiness North (InTeRN) program works to address gaps and barriers preventing northern women from entering IT jobs.

That pilot project spawned two other IT opportunities for northern learners; InTeRN/Train the Trainer and IT Support Technician program.

“The Future Skills Centre is committed to accelerating innovative practices in skills development in order to help address the labour shortage many industries are feeling across Canada and to provide skills training opportunities to underserved populations such as Indigenous peoples and those in rural and remote areas,” said Pedro Barata, Executive Director, Future Skills Centre. “These project partners have demonstrated a drive to test, learn and find promising approaches that will help workers, employers and industries adapt and thrive in the economy of the future.”

The women who graduated from the full-time Information Technology Readiness North (InTeRN) program move on to the Train the Trainer program. This second year of training will focus on technology and teaching techniques.

“Northern Manitoba is facing many changes in the coming decade and beyond, and digital technology, communications and connectivity, and the ‘Internet of Things’ are the backbone upon which many of those transitions will take place,” said UCN Associate VP Community and Industry Solutions Rob Penner. “This foundational work has set the stage for us to expand our programs to not only continue engaging Indigenous women in IT-related training (InTeRN) but expand this training to include all northerners (IT Support Technician Program).”

UCN is able to offer the IT Support Technician program for the first time because of the success of the InTeRN program. Participants will learn to confidently perform duties in any entry-level IT support role. Two intakes in September 2022 and January 2023 will pilot the 5-month program. Future students can apply on the web at www.ucn.ca/applynow or call (866) 627-8500.

University College of the North provides learning opportunities to northern communities while respecting diverse Indigenous and northern values.

The Future Skills Centre is a pan-Canadian initiative dedicated to helping Canadians gain the skills needed to thrive in a changing labour market.



CONTACT: Monte Koshel
UCN Director of Marketing, Communications & Recruitment

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