Article 10 – Jasyn Lucas’s Life and Art

Painting at His Old Studio, The Gift of Art
Working on Outdoor Mural with Youth Group in Flin Flon, Manitoba
Jasyn has been self-employed since 2003. He has travelled doing art shows at conferences, pow wows, and festivals. He has also done door to door sales to organizations and businesses, art workshops for kids and classes at school. He has been a private commission for large-scale outdoor and indoor murals.
Newspaper Clipping from Motivational Speaking at Classroom with Elementary Youth in Sault, Saint Marie Ontario
Outdoor Mural on Hapnot Collegiate in Flin Flon, MB
Painting on Fibreglass Wolf Sculpture:
This was a project with Spirit Way Inc. which took the artist all the way to Wolverhampton and London England.
Pop up Art Show in a Parking Lot
Outdoor Mural for Business in Thompson, MB
Indoor Mural at the Entrance to the Women’s Crisis Centre in Thompson, MB
Typical Original Lanscape Painting
Jasyn initially learnt to tattoo because he always loved tattoos and loved to get them on his body. Clearly he knew that tattooing would be a great secondary source of income as he painted and travelled doing Art Shows.
Original Eagle Painting (30 x 40 inches)
Small Original Paintings on Easels
Usually organizations or corporations will order large numbers of paintings for special events. So bulk orders are often common. Jasyn has to take on any type of work.
Another Side of Artistic Life: Playing and Singing in Bands
Jasyn is also a singer and songwriter, musician and performer. He has played in several bands and love song writer and poet Leonard Cohen, who has a big influence on Jasyn. Jasyn came back to university to expand his knowledge of the world as he knew that it would help with his art and song writing, and motivational speaking. Often he would find himself trying to stick up for people who are less privileged. It would often be hard to find the right works or backup content to support his claims or arguments against ignorant attitudes. Returning to school seemed like the first step to getting control over his emotions when he does public speaking.
Custom Painted Fishing Lures
Jasyn has an Art Gallery and Tattoo Service called the gift of Art in 2015 to 2018. He sold these painted fishing lures at his gallery in Thompson, MB.

Painting like this can be viewed on but all are sold as they sell fast.

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